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Jesse Diamond & Axel Black Chapter 1

Jesse might be a bit shorter than his partner, Axel, but he’s easily winning in the pure muscle department. Jesse’s thick, jacked body draws Axel, giving the lean runner-build man plenty to hold onto as they kiss and caress each other. Jesse radiates out masculinity and strength, making Axel eager to see more of his powerful body. Taking off his clothes, Jesse gives Axel the chance to really explore. Axel watches as the beefy trans man lies back on the bed, spreading his legs apart, revealing his thick cock and wet hole. Axel kisses up his thigh until his mouth hits the sweet spot, falling into Jesse’s groin and devouring his pussy. It’s then that Jesse moves down onto his knees to pull out Axel’s throbbing, thick member. Jesse wraps his hand around the shaft, taking it into his mouth as Axel teases his nipples and moans in ecstasy. Jesse’s mouth knows just how to make a cock happy. Axel loves the view of the broad back and shoulders of his partner, but needs to feel his cock slide inside his hole. Putting Jesse back on the bed, he slides his member deep inside, watching Jesse’s broad chest rise and fall with each breath he takes. Axel starts slow, moving into a steady rhythm of grinding and pounding before letting the beefcake feel the full force of his thrust. Jesse can take it all and wants more! As Axel gets himself closer to climax, Jesse plays with his dick and looks into Axel’s eyes, waiting for the moment that his partner bursts. It doesn’t take long before the lean top feels his nuts climb up beneath his shaft, sending jets of white cum out the end. [Read more]

Chance Hart & Tommy Deetz

Chance and Tommy could practically be twins! The two scruffy tattooed studs have beautiful, athletic bodies, close cropped hair, detailed designs draw...n all over, and an intense, passionate sex drive! Of course, the only difference is that one of them has a raging hard-on and the other is eager to take it! Tommy kisses Chance with a fiery hunger that his partner is happy to return. Their tongues move about like dancers, gracefully exiting the other and making their pulses hasten. Chance manages to get his hand on Tommy’s crotch, feeling the swelling of his cock beneath his jeans. Tommy is happy to open up for the horny stud, and finds he’s similarly inviting of his own loins. Tommy slides a hand inside Chance’s pants and gets a first feel of the hot wet pussy beneath. Things escalate as they take off their clothes, giving Tommy the chance to bury his face in Chance’s pelvis. Tommy’s tongue works as expertly on his clit as it did his mouth. He finds a rock hard, swollen dick in itself in the wet clit, sucking on it and kissing it as Chance holds his head in place. The groans and moans of pleasure echo throughout the room, and Tommy’s cock is desperate for release. Pulling out of his pants, Tommy gives Chance a mouthful of his member, feeling it harden and lengthen between the trans man’s lips. Chance is a champion cocksucker and knows how to bring Tommy to the edge of climax without going too far. He wants to make Tommy feel good, but still wants to feel it rage in his cunt. Putting Chance on his back, Tommy slides his slick meat between the trans man’s pussy lips, watching it disappear into his guts as Chance lets out a deep, guttural moan. The feeling is so intense that Tommy can hardly hold back the urge to plow harder and deeper from the jump. Chance is more than capable of taking it, though. The sexy guy loves a hard, rough, deep dicking. He spreads his legs wider apart to give Tommy plenty of space to jackhammer his hole. In the end, Chance wants that thick load. And Tommy is determined to give it to him! [Read more]

Beaux James & Julian Waits

Julian eyes the handsome Beaux as they get alone. He’s taken with his stunning good looks and well defined physique. Julian breathes heavily as Beau...x begins to kiss down his neck, making him eager for the opportunity to kiss him back. Julian is caught between feeling guided by his own desires and responding to Beaux’ intense sexual charisma, feeling his cock swell at the thought of the hot fuck to come. Taking off their shirts, Julian is all the more stunned by Beaux’ amazing body. Julian is a lean young man with rosy pink skin, freckles all over, and a touch of ginger to his hair. But Beaux is a tanned, golden haired Adonis, with well sculpted arms and a powerful, commanding presence. As they continue to disrobe, Julian’s cheeks flush red, making it impossible to conceal his excitement. Not only that, his cock is practically bursting through his pants. Beaux is quick to relieve him of his confinement, pulling out his member and feeling it throb in his hand. Beaux drops to his knees to give the pink member a kiss. Julian smiles, enjoying the handsome man’s approach. He thinks it’s about to be soft and gentle, but Beaux practically unhinges his jaw to take the massive cock deep to the back of his throat. Julian’s mouth drops, falling agape as he experiences the intense pleasure of being fellated by someone so skilled. But Julian knows it’s not all about him. When you’ve got someone so stunning in front of you, you have to show them appreciation. Putting Beaux on his back, Julian spreads his legs apart and begins worshipping his beautiful cunt. Beaux caresses Julian’s long, floppy hair as the young man devours his clit, sucking and licking it until it’s as hard as a rock. Just when Beaux is on the edge of climax, he turns himself around to give Julian a clear path into his hole. Beaux wants to feel the boy’s massive cock deep inside him as he rides waves after waves of pleasure. Feeling Julian’s heavy nuts slap against his clit is all Beaux needs to feel absolute ecstasy. And that’s all Julian needs to feel his urge to cum build up! [Read more]

Jesse Diamond & Sean Duran

Testosterone is in full force when muscle gods Jesse Diamond and Sean Duran get together. Their perfectly chiselled, tattooed bodies are incredible to... view as they kiss and grab all over. Sean’s passion for a beefy bottom knows no limits, and Jesse has the perfect bubble butt for his massive cock. Jesse spreads his legs wide as Sean kisses down his chest and abs, giving a clear green light for the shaved headed top to go right to his sweet spot. Sean’s mouth waters at the thought of opening up Jesse’s hole, putting him into feasting position at the end of the bed as he laps at his cunt. Jesse looks into Sean’s blue eyes, horny as hell and eager to feel his cock inside. But before Jesse takes the hard tool deep in his loins, he needs a taste of it first. Dropping to his knees, the scruffy trans man worships Sean’s shaft, stroking it and lapping at it with an intense passion. He won’t stop until it’s all the way to the back of his throat, no matter how hard he has to try. Sean gives Jesse all the time he needs to get it good and wet, but it’s got one destination: Jesse’s tight pussy. Putting Jesse on his back, Sean gives the bottom one last lap with his tongue before sliding his bare cock balls deep in his pelvis. Jesse lets out a moan of mixed pain and pleasure, feeling his guts split apart to make room for Sean’s massive tool. Sean moves slowly, but everything in Jesse’s face tells him to keep going. Not wanting to disappoint his hungry lover, he picks up the pace and pounds harder and faster than Jesse could have imagined. Jesse holds on to whatever he can to withstand Jesse’s diesel-fueled fuck. The powerful bodybuilder knows how to deliver a world-class breeding, and Jesse is eager to feel him unload inside. After taking a deep breath, Sean rushes forward, fucking Jesse’s hole faster and faster until he erupts, flooding Jesse with his premium protein-rich seed. [Read more]

Chance Hart & Axel Black

Chance and Axel are deep in the throws of passion when we find them in bed. The two have moved well beyond the point of small talk and are eagerly pee...ling off each other’s clothes. They can’t wait another moment longer to feel their skin pressed against each other, leading to a steamy, intense session of sucking, fucking, and pussy flooding. Axel’s tongue aggressively wrestles Chance’s making their mouth water as they strip off their underwear and shove their bodies together. Axel’s rigid cock grinds up against Chance’s pelvis, teasing his loins and getting his clit rock hard. Axel falls to his knees like a devoted supplicant, begging to taste his wet pussy all over. Axel sucks on Chance’s clit like it’s a throbbing cock, taking it into his mouth and swirling it around his lips. It grows harder and longer as the cis man hungrily brings it to full strength, all the while making Chance’s eyes roll back in pleasure. The eager clit sucker manages to catch a breath long enough for Chance to put him on his back and devour his veiny cock. Chance has no problem returning the favor to his lover, swallowing his member balls deep, stroking it in his grip and getting it ready to slide inside his hole. After showing the strength of his throat and his determination to make Axel cum, Chance gets on his back and spreads his legs apart for the horny top to slide inside. Axel moves in with precision, filling Chance’s pussy up with his monster cock and drilling deep into his pelvis. Axel kisses up and down his tattooed legs before driving hard into his body, making Chance moan loudly for more as he gets closer and closer to breeding his cunt. [Read more]



Hot, sweaty, testosterone-fueled studs. Hairy chests and six pack abs. Bubble butts, throbbing cocks, and hungry, wet holes. No scripts. No condoms. Just hot FTM models and cis tops in intense, pulse-pounding, passionate bareback sex.

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