Chance Hart & Brayden St. James Chapter 3

After an intense night of fucking, it only stands to reason that Brayden and Chance need a good night’s sleep. And while a solid 8 hours would have ...been great, the urge to fuck once more is greater. Side by side under the covers, the two men cannot keep their hands off each other, caressing their smooth skin and hard muscles, desperate to be even closer than they are in that moment. Before long, the attempt to sleep is completely abandoned, feeling a burst of energy to grind loins and bust out another load. Brayden plays with Chance’s well used pussy, feeling it still warm and wet from their last session. Something about feeling his load still marinating Chance’s hole gets him rock hard, eager to pick up where he left off. Chance gets his mouth on Brayden’s tool, sucking it down and feeling it swell up in his throat. The thick, rigid member has lost no potency from before and Chance is quick to mount up on top for a deep ride. Putting Chance on all fours, Brayden moves behind him and slides his powerful cock all the way in, his path smoothed by the presence of his last load. He picks up energy and momentum with each thrust, determined to fully exert himself and fill Chance up even more! [Read more]

Beaux James & Julian Waits Chapter 2

Beaux couldn’t wait for Julian to arrive. The sexy, fair-skinned, freckle-faced ginger is one of his favorite friends with benefits. Not only is he ...incredibly sweet and sexy, but he’s got a great body that seems to only get bigger and more cut with every visit. Not to mention, he’s got an enormous cock that fills Beaux up to perfection. The two make out quite a bit before their clothes come off, leading each other to tongue and tease the other’s nipples. That does the trick for Julian, getting him rock solid even before Beaux takes off the ginger guy’s pants. With Julian’s meat stick out, all that’s needed is for a bit of warm up before he dives into Beaux’ loins. Julian gets his face between Beaux’ muscular thighs, staring up over the hot stud’s six pack to his gorgeous face. He takes a beat to enjoy the view before burying his mouth in Beaux’ pussy, lapping at the rigid clit while watching him get hot and wet. Julian’s pink tongue gets tossed up in Beaux’s hole, all while Beaux moans and eagerly awaits the thrust of his member. Julian gets up on his arms and slides himself forward, bringing his cock right to Beaux’ front door. One firm push gets him in deep, massaging all of his inches with each thrust and stretching the trans man out from the inside! Julian can’t hold back, unleashing his sexual hunger and passion with every stroke, all the while inching closing to an epic climax! [Read more]

Ari Koyote & Ethan Tate Chapter 1

There are few guys as well known in the trans porn community as Ari Koyote! Ari’s been on the forefront of hot, trans man erotica for years, showing... how sexy a guy with a pussy can be! And now in his FTMMen debut, he’s showing a beefier, more muscular body than ever before. Guess the boy has become a man! Ethan couldn’t be more turned on by Ari’s masculine good looks. Not only is he handsome as hell with a scruffy face and perfectly kissable lips, but he’s got a smattering of dark chest hair that trails down to his loins. Ethan is quick to get Ari out of his jeans and onto the bed where he can really explore what Ari has to offer! Ari spreads his legs apart and shows off his hairy, pierced hole, leaning himself back on his broad shoulders. Ethan lowers his mouth to kiss and lick Ari’s warm, wet clit, looking up at him with passion and hunger that only builds with each lap of his tongue. Ari opens up and gets his juices flowing, ready to experience Ethan’s big, thick, twink cock up inside him. Ethan might be a bit of string bean compared to his thicker, muscular partner, but his tool is a perfect match for Ari. Ethan puts Ari on his side and the trans man invites him in, watching as Ethan slowly sinks into his guts, hitting his pleasure center and teasing his hole with every stroke. Ethan is in absolute heaven, feeling his member get massaged and milked in Ari’s tight pussy. He knows he can’t hold back from cumming forever, enjoying each moment he’s got before Ari masterfully works out an intense load. [Read more]

Jesse Diamond & Connor Taylor Chapter 3

It's a tender moment as Connor and Jesse as they make out on the couch. They two have carved out a special time to be close and intimate, taking their... time and just enjoying each other’s company. Of course, it would be a lie to say their intentions are platonic. Connor loves how strong and beefy the trans man is, feeling his big thighs as their tongues glide over each other. And for Jesse, he adores the way the tall, ginger string-bean’s massive cock swells up at first touch, filling his hands as he massages his loins. Jesse pulls off his clothes and slides off Connor’s shorts, giving him a look at the massive pole the tall twink possesses. Not only does it stand up impossibly high, but it’s thick and girthy all the way down to the fiery base. Jesse bobs his head up and down, working the shaft and sending Connor into a trance of deep pleasure. Connor gets to just sit back and feel it all wash over him, looking his partner in the eyes as he edges closer and closer to climax. Before Connor can fully release, Jesse gets up on top of him, mounting him and riding him as he lowers his hungry cock-swallowing hole down on him. Connor’s eyes go wide as the muscle man’s thick legs spread apart and engulf him into his wet pussy. Connor moans as the sensation brings out his passionate nature, leading him to put Jesse on his back and dick him deep from behind. Jesse holds onto his cock and legs as Connor works him over, bringing both of them to a thoroughly satisfying cummy conclusion! [Read more]

Chance Hart & Axel Black Chapter 2

While Chance Hart looks like a total bad boy, Axel Black couldn’t be more of the boy next door. Wavy brown hair, smooth skin, no tattoos, and a lean..., athletic body. He’s an absolute dish in his own right, but paired with the pierced and inked Chance, it’s a perfect complement of opposites. While they may not look at all alike, it’s their shared chemistry that matters most. Axel’s lips can barely get away from Chance’s as he paws at his butt, pulling off clothes to get a better feel for one another. Chance lends a hand, taking off his partner’s shirt and pants to bring them down to just their underwear. They fall back on the couch, needing to get off their feet to fully free themselves of their clothing. Chance grinds himself into Axel’s crotch, feeling his rigid member begging to come out. But before it does, Axel gets between Chance’s legs, lapping at his warm, wet cock, sucking on it and making it harder. Chance loves how the handsome boy’s face looks between his thighs, and he especially loves how his tongue feels on his hole. Ravenously the young man devours him, bringing him to the edge of climax, but not before Chance has the opportunity to return the favor. Axel gets up on the couch and Chance bobs up and down on his shaft, taking him to the back of his throat and getting his member slicked up and wet. Axel even puts his hands behind his head and just feels his body get flooded with pleasure. He could nut right then and there, but he wants to get a deep dicking in before he blows! And Chance’s hole was made to be bred! [Read more]

It takes more than a bulge to be a real man. It’s about walking the walk and talking the talk. It’s being able to stand tall and take pride in your strength. It’s about sniffing out your partner’s fantasies and bringing them to life. And a little scruff never hurt anyone. Some of the hottest, beefiest, most masculine men out there just happen to be trans and they fuck like god-damn warriors! From the creator of JockPussy, FTMMen brings these studs to the forefront, showing off their muscular bodies, stunning good-looks, and their incredible skills at taking dick deep and raw.