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Beaux James

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Beaux James

Beaux James may look like rough trade, but when he smiles, it’s clear he’s a total softy. His open face is perfectly framed by his well groomed facial... [read more]

Beaux James & Luke Connors

Luke can hardly contain his throbbing erection as sexy muscle jock, Beaux, leans in and kisses him. The handsome man’s strong arms and broad chest leave... [read more]

Beaux James & Julian Waits

Julian eyes the handsome Beaux as they get alone. He’s taken with his stunning good looks and well defined physique. Julian breathes heavily as Beaux... [read more]

Beaux James & Baily Wylde

Baily met Beaux in the gym. The two were working up a sweat and admiring each other’s bodies, imagining what lies beneath their exercise gear. They skipped... [read more]

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