Beaux James & Julian Waits

Julian eyes the handsome Beaux as they get alone. He’s taken with his stunning good looks and well defined physique. Julian breathes heavily as Beaux... [read more]

Beaux James & Luke Connors

Luke can hardly contain his throbbing erection as sexy muscle jock, Beaux, leans in and kisses him. The handsome man’s strong arms and broad chest leave... [read more]

Chance Hart & Axel Black

Chance and Axel are deep in the throws of passion when we find them in bed. The two have moved well beyond the point of small talk and are eagerly peeling... [read more]

Chance Hart

Chance feels the heat from his loins as he gets back to his room. The tattooed stud can’t wait to unzip his fly and pull out his hard clit and get lost... [read more]

Beaux James

Beaux James may look like rough trade, but when he smiles, it’s clear he’s a total softy. His open face is perfectly framed by his well groomed facial... [read more]