Jesse Diamond & Axel Black Chapter 1

Jesse might be a bit shorter than his partner, Axel, but he’s easily winning in the pure muscle department. Jesse’s thick, jacked body draws Axel in,... [read more]

Chance Hart & Tommy Deetz

Chance and Tommy could practically be twins! The two scruffy tattooed studs have beautiful, athletic bodies, close cropped hair, detailed designs drawn... [read more]

Jesse Diamond & Sean Duran

Testosterone is in full force when muscle gods Jesse Diamond and Sean Duran get together. Their perfectly chiselled, tattooed bodies are incredible to... [read more]

Jesse Diamond & Connor Taylor

Connor can’t take his hands off of Jesse’s body as they cuddle and kiss on a rainy afternoon. The muscular man’s arms are bursting with strength,... [read more]

Chance Hart & Brayden St. Jaymes

Brayden leans back in his bed as Chance begins to caress his stomach and chest. The tattooed stud brings his mouth to Chance's, kissing him softly and... [read more]

Jesse Diamond

Jesse Diamond has a lot to desire. Beautiful face, broad pecs and shoulders, thick, muscular thighs, and a beautiful, dark beard. His bodybuilder physique... [read more]